Creative Interiors, Interior Design

Creative Interiors home staging services provides the homeowner and realtor with the most desirable outcome: a quick sale for the best price, a win-win situation.


Presenting a home to the broadest potential market is often difficult since the seller has many personal memories tied up in the home that they are preparing to sell. Hiring a professional with an objective eye to stage a home for the general market will make the process easy and the sale successful.


A staged home has more appeal and sells faster than a vacant home without furnishings.  Many times, actually removing items from a furnished home that is on the market will dramatically affect how the space looks to potential buyers---making the space appear larger, more spacious and appealing when presented properly. 

Creative Interiors may also suggest changes you might want to make to walls colors, lighting fixtures or even carpeting---changes that might cost a little initially, but will appeal to a broader market and make a major difference in what the buyers are willing to pay.  That pink wall that you love may not appeal to many others and you are immediately limiting your base of potential buyers.


You only get one chance to make a first impression!  Our goal is to make potential buyers feel comfortable from the moment they walk in the door---and once they walk into a room, want to sit down and make themselves “at home.”   Then we just let rooms basically sell the house.

Clearly, home sellers want to move on and showcasing a home for quick sale at top dollar is in their best interests. The market shows that more than 60% of buyers are willing to spend more money to buy a home that is move-in ready:

  • The ROI (return on investment) on home staging costs are more than two-fold. Reports in numerous 2009 North American real estate articles have the ROI upwards of 5 times the initial investment.

  • An average of 68% of couples will decide on a home the same day they walk into it. Stat from Real Estate Weekly.

  • Staged homes typically sell in one month and un-staged homes can take six months or more to sell (market dependant). Stat from National Association of Realtors.